About Me

IMG_0229Hi, I’m Scott Drozd, CEO of FCP Euro an online retailer of Genuine and OEM car parts for European vehicles.

In 2001, with only a $9k initial investment, my partner and I took a small brick and mortar auto parts store and bootstrapped it into an online organization generating $25 million in annual sales. through double digit organic growth year-over-year since it’s inception.

As the CEO, I’m responsible for all aspects of our rapidly growing organization, including strategic planning and execution, marketing, sales, call center, warehouse and distribution, operations, and corporate finance strategy.

I have no formal business background and I barely made it through college.  My education has been entirely through my own professional development that includes audiobooks, Google, and Wikipedia. I’m blessed to work alongside an extremely talented and dedicated team as well as a group of strong mentors and advisers to help me work through some of the most challenging problems.


  1. heronmotors@yahoo.com

    Scott, I too barely made it out of Formal Education. What life has shown me over the years is that Self-Made people such as ourselves gain a more accurate view of the realities of being in business and the responsibilities that come along with the position. Just the other day I was listening to a program on NPR, an advice Call-In Show for small business people, and they were discussing business plans. Well, I thought the only words that really need to be on any start-up plan should be “Remain flexible and open to what will come my way”. One can never plan for the unknown enemy.

    I’m proud to be a part of FCP’s success. You folks have me support.

    Christian Rubenbauer

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